Benefiting Employees and Employers

CareerWorks: Greater Newark Workforce Funders Collaborative creates innovative, sustainable workforce partnerships northern New Jersey that enable low-skilled workers to advance in careers and businesses to compete.

Innovative Public/Private Venture Helps to Build a Quality Workforce

CareerWorks Stats:

  • 4 Workforce Partnerships;
  • Engages more than 25 Employers;
  • Supports 2 of New Jersey’s high-growth sectors – healthcare and transportation, logistics and distribution (TLD);
  • Has trained more than 500 low-skilled adults since its inception; slated to train 300 more in the next two years;
  • Unique value proposition – employer-centric strategies based upon employers’ demand for skills.

Newark Alliance
60 Park Place, 19th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 596-6400 ext. 3103