Why support CareerWorks?

Strategic for funders…

Investing in CAREERWORKS enables funders to leverage their grantmaking to have greater impact and to help shape long-term workforce development in northern New Jersey.

The Collaborative members pool funding, develop strategies, support sector-based programs and develop industry partnerships that meet the career-advancement needs of workers and the bottom-line requirements of businesses.

CAREERWORKS links and leverages public and private dollars to develop a sustainable workforce pipeline that advances low-skilled workers in northern New Jersey and enables the businesses that hire them and key economic engines to grow.

The Collaborative:

  • Pursues a “dual customer approach,”
    serving businesses looking for qualified workers and job seekers looking to advance their careers.
  • Organizes multiple institutions and funding streams around common goals.
  • Provides or brokers services, training and support,
    that helps workers gain access to the initial rungs on the ladder to economic opportunity and advancements.

“Not only are we getting a dedicated employee with a new skill, we are also making room in our organization for new hires. When we speak of a win win, here is a perfect example. ”

– Zachary Lipner
Vice President
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center-RWJBarnabas Health