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Automotive Technician Training: Delivering a TLD Workforce

At the fifth annual National Fund for Workforce Solutions meeting CareerWorks spoke about industry partnerships that are producing skilled auto mechanics.

Automotive Labor Shortage      

A Ford Motor Customer Service Division presentation reported Transportation, Logistics & Distribution (TLD) training is a critical issue for workforce development:

  • Delivering TLD workforceAverage age of auto mechanics = 45 years & older (47% of mechanics); median age is 43;
  • Half of the existing workforce looking to retire within 10 years;
  • Currently not enough techs to meet industry needs;
  • Can not get enough certified techs; and
  • Average age of cars on the road – 11 years. 

Walmart Grant for Training

As part of our focus on Transportation, Logistics & Distribution (TLD), CareerWorks is applying its $220,000 Jobs for the Future/NFWS-Walmart Foundation grant to scale up its Ford Motor automotive service technician training to serve 200 job seekers over two years.  The New Community Corporation is providing practical hands-on training through a 1200-hour program where participants have access to mentoring, housing services, emergency food assistance, and case management/counseling services as needed. Twenty three of twenty nine jobseekers completed the program which began in 2013 and during the first quarter of 2014, 18 were hired at twenty employers including Sansone, Ford, Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, Firestone, NJ Transit, and Volkswagon.TDLworkforce2

Thanks to the Walmart Foundation for the grant which serves as the catalyst for developing a truly end-to-end pipeline workforce partnership and a pilot for New Jersey’s future Port-related workforce project in transportation, logistics and distribution. 

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Contact:  Regina Barboza, Program Director CareerWorks: Greater Newark Workforce Funders Collaborative c/o Newark Alliance, 60 Park Place, 19th Floor, Newark, NJ 07102, 973-596-6400, ext. 3103,  www.careerworksnj.org