What does Careerworks do?

Added value for employers…

CAREERWORKS: The Greater Newark Workforce Funders Collaborative invests in the talent development of your incumbent frontline workers and job seekers. Employers receive the following benefits:

  • Skills upgrades align with your true business needs and increase workers’ upward mobility.
  • Your lowest-skilled employees gain access to careers.
  • Pipeline of skilled job seekers ready for hire.
  • Your business gains the workers that you need and, by advancing frontline workers, you see ROI including:
    • Reduced turnover of entry-level workers.
    • Savings in recruitment costs and retraining.
    • Productivity & business performance gains.
    • Improved customer satisfaction.
    • Improved employee satisfaction.
    • Increased profits.

CareerWorks’ employer-centric industry partnerships support growth sectors to advance economic development within northern New Jersey. As New Jersey’s only National Fund for Workforce Solutions collaborative, it brings private funding to bear on workforce development.

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions serves thirty-two communities that help low-wage workers succeed in good careers.