White House Recognizes Employer Centric Partnerships

Congratulations to Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) Barnabas Health on being selected to participate in the April 24th UpSkill America conference at the White House.  We are delighted our nominee Lourdes Valdes, JCMC-Barnabas Health Manager of Employment and training was selected to attend President Obama’s “Call to Action Conference.”

The JCMC incumbent worker certificate program successfully trained 38 workers to become Patient Care Techs, Medical Billers and Coders and EMTs.   Of the 38 trained, 35 individuals have been placed in jobs that pay an average $10,000 more annually.

This is an excellent example of how our employer centric workforce partnerships create an innovative and sustainable approach that enables low-skilled workers to advance in careers with a living wage and businesses to compete.

To learn more about the JCMC incumbent worker training visit http://vimeopro.com/dreamplay/changemakers/video/92270562

Learn more about UpSkill America at http://www.upskillamerica.org/.